Our Approach

Figuring out the best way to bring our clients and their audiences together, to create genuine bonds and lasting loyalty, is an Event Planet specialty.

We believe in the “keep it simple” approach. We start at the beginning and take the time to listen and understand your brief, your brand, and your goals.

We will work with you to design, manage and deliver modern and meaningful communications strategies, which are tailor-made to achieve your key objectives.


1. Brief

First, we listen. We will understand your brand profile and who your target audience is. We will benchmark and analyze your competitors. We will uncover a true picture of your intentions. Our aim is to go on a journey of discovery with you so we can tailor a strategy that will drive success.

2. Creative

We will generate ideas, develop and discuss them with your requirements in mind. We will consider all the modern and innovative solutions the world has to offer. Together, we will decide what will work best within the parameters of your time frame and your budget.


3. Plan

We will present a detailed and illustrated proposal with a fully itemized budget. Our service includes managing all third party supplier contracts and invoices from initial deposits through to final settlements. We minimize and streamline your administration.

4. Delivery

We deliver the plan. We set agreed project milestones. We operate to best practice standards and deliver quality products and services. We ensure efficient, effective resource allocation. We action checks and balances throughout the project life cycle. We report back to you on a regular basis until delivery is successfully complete.


5. Evaluation

We debrief together. A post-project review, including a written report, enables us all to assess and evaluate. It’s important to identify key learning’s, project successes, and future opportunities for improvement. We will also evaluate financial success. This phase of work is the foundation stone for future projects.

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